The new species Gordiodrilus nilotiaus has been established to receive the specimens from Tongo on the White Nile (Sudan) referred to G. dominicensis Beddard 1892 by Michaelsen in 1914; and specimens from Siwa Oasis (Egypt) described as Gordiodrilus sp. by Michaelsen in 1938 have been made the types of a new species, G. siwaensis. Specimens from Lake Baringo (Tanganyika) have been considered to merit establishing a third new species of the genus, G. worthingtoni. All three species belong to an “elegans-group”, within the genus, which has been defined.

A new monotypic genus from Argentina, Gatesia and its type species Gatesia unica have been described.

Quechuona michaelseni sp.n. from the banks of the Yabebiri River (N. Argentina) has been added to the formerly monotypic genus Quechuona.

The types are in the British Museum (Natural History) with the exception of those of Gordiodrilus niloticus which are in the Zoological Museum, Hamburg.