The taxonomic status of the Hylid frogs Hyla serrata Andersson and H. nannotis Andersson of Queensland, and H. eucnemis Lönnberg and H. obsoleta Lönnberg of New Guinea has been the subject of controversy, Loveridge (1935), Copland (1957), Moore (1961).

The author has examined the type specimens of the above species and all other available material in an attempt to clarify their taxonomic status. On the basis of this investigation of morphological variation, the following changes to currently recognized generic and specific names are proposed:

Hyla obsoleta Lönnberg =Nyctimystes obsoleta (Lönnberg),

Hyla rhacophorus Van Kampen =Hyla eucnemis Lönnberg,

Hyla serrata Andersson =Hyla eucnemis Lönnberg.