The larvae of the lernaeocerid copepods are as yet very imperfectly known. To extend the knowledge of their morphology, the larvae of Lernaeocera centropristi Pearse, 1947, were re-examined. The larvae had been discovered on the gills of Centropristus striatus (L.) in Beaufort, North Carolina. Their adult stage is still unknown. The examination has shown that the larvae are almost identical with the known larvae of Lernaeocera, but also that they are equipped with additional armament at the base of the mouth-cone. Since the presence of this armament appears to be the main distinguishing feature between the larvae of the genera Lernaeocera and Lernaeenicus, and in view of other small distinctions, it is proposed that Lernaeocera centropristi Pearse, 1947, should be transferred to the genus Lernaeenicus, as L. centropristi (Pearse, 1947).