New species of the genus Typhlodromus from Sudan (Acari: Phytoseiidae)



Three new species of mites of the genus Typhlodromus Scheuten are described from the Sudan. The species of this genus from Sudan are keyed and some observations are made on the ecology and economic importance of the forms inhabiting fruit trees and cotton plants.


The genus Typhlodromus in Sudan includes five species. Of these, three new species are described and illustrated in this work. Individuals of T. sudanicus Elbadry and T. medanicus Elbadry have been found to play an important role in feeding on phytophagous mites and white fly nymphs infesting cotton crop.

Typhlodromus niloticus sp. n. and T. balanites sp. n. from fruit trees feed on tetranychid and eriophyid mites. T. sennarensis sp. n. has been collected from wild plants.

A key is provided for the identification of members of the genus Typhlodromus in Sudan.