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Studies on the helminth parasites of the Long-tailed field mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus sylvaticus from Wales


  • *Department of Zoology, Royal Holloway College, University of London, Englefield Green, Surrey.


The incidence and degree of infestation of the Long-tailed field mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus with helminth parasites have been studied from a rough grassland and woodland area, Aberystwyth and from Skomer Island in Wales. With few exceptions, adult mice were more heavily infested than juveniles.

In Aberystwyth, where the composition of the helminth fauna was found to be more varied than that from the island of Skomer, three species of helminths, one digenean and two nematodes, showed evidence of seasonal variation in the degree of infestation of mice. The factors affecting this fluctuation in parasite numbers throughout the year are discussed.

It is suggested the distribution of helminths in the mouse population may be represented by a negative binomial, indicating that the infective eggs, larvae or intermediate hosts of the respective helminths were aggregated in their distribution in the selected areas of study.

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