There are two ovaries in each arm and each ovary bears a single oviduct which opens orally at the interradial angle. The ovarian wall consists of three layers: mesothelium, muscular-connective tissue layer and germinal epithelium. The haemal space between the germinal epithelium and muscular-connective tissue layer is filled with a PAS positive fluid. It is suggested that this space may provide storage and transportation of nutrient to the germ cells.

The oögonium, situated along the germinal epithelium, is distinguished from the surrounding follicle cells by its clear cytoplasm and large nucleus with a single nucleolus. It measures 10 to 15 μ in diameter.

The development of primary oöcytes is divided into premeiotic, growth and germinal vesicle migration stages. The distribution of mitochondria seems to indicate the existence of a definite polarity in the young oöcytes; but this soon disappears at the beginning of vitellogenesis. Morphological evidence seems to suggest that some of the yolk granules may be synthesized first in follicle cells and then transferred into the oöcyte. Histochemical tests indicate that the yolk platelet is a carbohydrate-protein-lipid complex.

The first meiotic division occurs six hours after sperm penetration and the second meiotic division follows two hours later.

Monthly measurement of the oöcyte throughout a year indicates a well-defined annual spawning cycle; however, the growth of an oöcyte from an oögonium to a mature oöcyte requires about two years.