The ecology of the Australian gecko Heteronotia binoei in northern New South Wales


  • H. Robert Bustard

    1. Department of Zoology, The Australian National University, Canberra
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    • *Research School of Biological Sciences, The Australian National University.


A two year study was carried out on Heteronotia binoei (Gray) in the Pilliga Scrub by means of visits of six days' duration in each month of the year. Animals were individually marked by toe-clipping and a mark-recapture programme was carried out throughout the study.

In the Pilliga Scrub Heteronotia lives below bark or boards on the ground or below the bark at the base of dead trees or stumps.

The mark-recapture programme provided extensive data on the population, its movements, growth, tail loss and regeneration. Samples were collected for analysis of intestinal contents. The above data together with observations of behaviour provided a well corroborated picture of the biology of this small gekkonid lizard.