Ten new species of Haliotrema from Australian fish are described and figured: H. cteno-chaetisp. n. from Ctenochaetus strigosus; H. falcanalissp. n. from Triacanthus falcanalis; H. lineatesp. n. from Acanthurus lineatus; H. chrysotaeniaesp. n. from Lutjanuschrysotaenia; H. cromileptissp. n. from Cromileptis altivelis; H. epinephelisp. n. from Epinephelus merra and E. fasciatus; H. holocentrisp. n. from Holocentrus ruber; Haliotrema chrysostomisp. n. from Lethrinus chrysostomus and Plectorhinchus pictus; H. fletisp. n. n. from L. fletus and L. chrysostomus; H. scarisp. N. from Scarus fasciatus.

H. dempsteri (Mizelle & Price, 1964) comb. n. from Acanthrus mata, A. dussumieri and A. xanthopterus: H. johnii (Tripathi, 1959) comb. n. from Lutjanus johni and L. fulviflamma: H. parahaliotrema (Mizelle & Price, 1964) comb. n. from Zebrasoma veliferum and A. grammoptilus: and H. obesa (Caballero, Bravo Hollis & Grocott, 1955) comb. n. from Tetraodon hispidus are redescribed and transferred from the genera Parahaliotrema Mizelle & Price, 1964, Ancyrocephalus Creplin, 1839, Parahaliotrema, and Tetrancistrum Goto & Kikuchi, 1917 respectively.

H. brevis (Mizelle & Price, 1964) comb, n., H. canescens (Mizelle & Price, 1964) comb. n. and H. zanclus (Mizelle & Price, 1964) comb. n. are transferred from Pseudohaliotrema Yamaguti, 1953; H. eilatica (Paperna, 1965) comb. n., H. teuthis (MacCallum, 1915) comb. n., H. triacantha (Tripathi, 1959) comb. n. and H. lethrini (Yamaguti, 1937) comb. n. are transferred from Ancyrocephalus Creplin, 1839.

The generic diagnosis is emended to include the above-mentioned species and the taxonomy of the genus is discussed and the formation of six species groups is proposed.