The home range, roosting places, and the day ranges of the Bonnet macaque (Macaco radiate)



The daily movements of two troupes of Bonnet monkeys were thoroughly studied for over a year and it was observed that there is a clearly demarcated area within which the troupes move. The whole area though not well defended against trespassers is held exclusively by a particular troupe. Within the home range are the areas of preference or core areas where the troupes spend most of their time and these areas are kept free of strangers. The inhabitants announce their occupation of the area and intruders are given timely warning by methods which prevent encroachment.

There are a few selected quarters where Bonnets sleep at night and these are generally located close to the feeding grounds.

Movement, feeding, social grooming and social play including sexual activity are the four major activities in which the Bonnets indulge.

In general there is no marked difference between the Bonnet macaque and other macaques in their daily movement and activity.

It can be argued that these various facets of behaviour have a selective significance.