Internal fertilization in Eudrilid earthworms with the description of a new Pareudriline genus and species (Oligochaeta) from Ghana



The female systems of Eudrilid earthworms in which internal fertilization seems probable are reviewed and the advantage conferred on the earthworms with these specializations is discussed. A new genus and species of Pareudrilinae is described from Ghana. The genus is characterized mainly by the presence of two unpaired, mid-dorsal oesophageal glands, one in segment vii and the other in segment viii. In addition, the posterior region of the oesophagus is dilated and specialized in segments xiii–xv. A hitherto undescribed system of afferent and efferent ducts is reported joining the receptaculum seminis with the spermathecal atrium and with the oviduct and its function is examined.