The external morphology of the pseudoscorpion Dactylochelifer latreilki



The external morphology of all stages of Dactylochelifer latreillei (Leach) is described. The morphogenesis of characters of taxonomic importance has been followed through all the nymphal stages to the adult. Comparison is made with the information given by Beier (1963) for the three subspecies of D. latreillei and also with Boissin's (1964) detailed description of Hysterochelifer meridianus (L. Koch) which belongs to the same family Cheliferidae.

A linear relationship exists between the successive positions of trichobothria on the pedipalpal chela according well with the growth model proposed by Gabbutt (1969). The importance of the relative positions of trichobothria is discussed in relation to the systematics of the order.

Notes are included on collection techniques and their possible bias, on the length of the breeding period as judged from the presence of females with broods and the relative abundance of the nymphs, and on the number and developmental condition of eggs carried by the females.