Blood protozoa of wild carnivores from Central Africa are described.

Genetta tigrina appears to be a new host record for Nuttallia garnhami which is described and compared with the parasite discovered by Heisch (1952).

Intra-leucocytic and extra-cellular stages of a Hepatozoon sp. were found in the blood of Genetta rubiginosa and G. tigrina, and also schizonts in the liver and cardiac muscle of G. rubiginosa. The parasites are described in detail. Two forms of schizont were found in the heart and both differed from the one found in the liver. The gametocytes most closely resemble H. chattoni of Crocuta crocuta. Schizonts in Genetta spp. have not been described previously.

Intra-leucocytic gametocytes and extra-cellular forms in the blood, and the schizonts of a Hepatozoon sp. are described from Panther a (Pantherd) pardus. Two forms of schizont were found, both in cardiac muscle and lungs. The gametocytes are indistinguishable from H, canis of the dog and haemogregarines of Canis {Canis) adustus and P. (Leo) leo. Unlike the Hepatozoon of the dog and C. (C.) adustus, no schizonts could be found in liver, bone marrow, spleen or lymph nodes. Schizonts have not been described previously from P. (P.) pardus.

There was no evidence that any of the parasites were pathogenic.

No parasites were found in C. (C.) adustus; Lycaon pictus; Viverra (Civettictis) civet ta; Herpestes (Galerella) sanguineus; Ichneumia albicauda or Crocuta crocuta.