Neuroendocrine control of oocyte development in Poecilocera picta (Insecta: Orthoptera)



The neuroendocrine control of oocyte development in Poecilocera picta Fab. has been described. The secretory activity of the A type of neurosecretory cells has been correlated with ovarian development. In P. picta during the first four days after emergence the neurosecretory material is seen passing down the axons but the cells are largely devoid of neurosecretory material. When the oocytes are developed the A type cells are with stored neurosecretory material.

In P. picta the mature males do not appear to accelerate the process of maturation in females. The females which are reared without males or with castrated males also mature at the same time as the females which are reared with males. The corpus allatum also enlarges and decreases at the same period. The number of resorptive bodies is much more in the females which are reared with castrated males or without males. There appears to be some correlation in the secretion of the neurosecretory material, copulation, and the appearance of resorptive bodies. In P. picta the role of the mature male is only in copulation which very likely allows the cell to synthesize and secrete and release a large amount of neurosecretory material whose discharge in the haemolymph enables a successful development of the oocyte. Corpus allatum appears to be controlled by a precursor from the brain.

Cautery of the cerebral neurosecretory cells, allatectomy and sectioning of the nerves have been done to find out the role of neurosecretory material.