The food of some Australian anurans (Amphibia)



Analysis of the stomach contents of adults of three species of the genus Pseudophryne (Anura: Leptodactylidae) occurring in south-eastern New South Wales showed that the diet consists mainly of ants or termites. In P. corroboree differences in size and taxonomic categories of prey items were associated with the size of the predator. Seasonal variation in feeding activity of the adults, which was related to the seasonal change in temperature, was also revealed.

Differences in diet of five species living in the same area were seen. Both P. corroboree and P. dendyi fed on similar food items. The stomach contents of Crinia signifera and juvenile P. corroboree were similar which suggested that they were feeding in the same zone. Hyla verreauxi, a large ground dwelling hylid appeared to feed on larger insect items.