Leg chaetotaxy and the classification of the Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata)



Details of the segmental chaetotaxy of the legs of 47 species of Uropodina are given. On the basis of the ontogenetic development of the chaetotaxy, the Uropodina may be divided into two groups which coincide with the concepts of the Lower (Polyaspidoidea) and Higher (Uropodoidea) Uropodina of certain authors. Chaetotactic criteria do not support the classification of the Polyaspidini and Trachyuropodini sensu Hirschmann and Z-Nicol within the Oplitinae Hirschmann & Z-Nicol, the Diarthrophallini within the Uroactiniinae Hirschmann & Z-Nicol or the genus Trachytes within the Uropodini.

A critical appraisal is given of the classification of the Uropodidae (based on “Gangmerk-male”) by Hirschmann and Z-Nicol.