The moults of captive Scottish ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)



The moults of captive Scottish ptarmigan were studied at Banchory, north-east Scotland from December 1968 to February 1971. In the autumn moult (June to September) which included the primaries, cock ptarmigan moulted earlier and more completely than hens. In the winter moult (September to February) hens moulted earlier and both sexes moulted more completely than in spring. In the spring moult (February to June) cocks moulted more rapidly to begin with but by mid-April hens had caught up and thereafter moulted at least as rapidly as cocks. When kept indoors at slightly higher temperatures ptarmigan grew more pigmented feathers during the winter moult. In a colder winter the birds became whiter than in a milder one. First-winter ptarmigan completed the winter moult later than older birds. Birds from the Cairnwell hills had more dark feathers in winter than those from the eastern Cairngorms. There was no correlation between the start or finish of egg-laying and moulting.