A new species of Gobius (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the western English Channel, with a key to related species in the British and Irish fauna



A gobiid fish known for some time from the English Channel, and found also at Madeira, is described as Gobius gasteveni sp. nov., and its affinities believed to be with species grouped about G. auratus Risso. Changes in abundance and the possibility of recovery are discussed for this offshore species in the Channel, but little is otherwise known concerning its biology. A key to the British and Irish species of Gobius L. and Thorogobius Miller summarizes those now recognized around the British Isles as the following (listed in chronological order of genus and species description): Gobius nigerL., 1758; G. paganellusL., 1758; G. cruentatus Gmelin, 1789; G. cobitis Pallas, 1814; G. couchi Miller & El-Tawil, 1974; G. gasteveni sp. nov., and Thorogobius ephippiatus (Lowe, 1839).