Female Three-spined sticklebacks spawn several times in a breeding season, at intervals of a few days. The changes that take place in females during the interval between successive spawnings were analysed. The average time between spawnings was 87.5 hours. Between spawnings females increased in weight by between 15 and 30%. The bulk of this weight increase was lost when the eggs were spawned. The increase in weight was because of an increase in weight of the ovaries, which showed an increase in both dry matter and water content. After spawning the ovaries formed 8 to 9% of the total body weight, and this increased to up to 24% just prior to the next spawning. The ovaries were maximally hydrated immediately after spawning. There were no significant changes in the calorific value of the ovaries, but the calorific value of the rest of the body was a minimum just after spawning. It was estimated that between spawnings females were making a net gain of energy at an average rate of 2 cal/hour. After spawning, courtship behaviour by the females waned, but recovered over the last half of the interval between spawnings. The inter-spawning interval of the Three-spined stickleback provides a useful situation in which physiological and nutritional aspects of reproduction in a teleost fish can be studied.