In Gonarezhou National Park, southeast Zimbabwe Rhodesia, White-headed vultures laid their egg in a nest of Lappet-faced vultures in June 1978. Lappet-faced vultures then incubated the egg and reared the nestling successfully to fledging. The chick's feathers however had “fault bars”, and during seven days of observation it received less than one visit per day by its foster parents. In the same area in 1973 a White-headed vulture was found incubating its egg in a Lappet-faced vulture style nest. The sizes of these eggs (811 times 650 mm and 79–9 times 65–8 mm) and their estimated dates of laying (24 June 1973 and 21 June 1978) were almost identical, suggesting that the same pair of White-headed vultures was involved.