The use of radio-tracking in studying the foraging behaviour of the Indian Flying fox (Pteropus giganteus)



Although much is known about the behaviour of the Indian Flying fox (Pteropus giganteus Brunnich) whilst at the roost (e.g. Neuweiler, 1969), very little is known of its foraging behaviour. The purpose of this paper is to describe the techniques and results of a preliminary radio-tracking study of P. giganteus. In view of the fact that some species of Pteropus are commercial pests (Ratcliffe, 1932) and others are declining rapidly in numbers so as to cause alarm to conservation bodies (Nicoll & Racey, 1981), it is likely that this genus will receive considerable attention in the future. P. giganteus is the largest species of frugivorous bat in Ceylon and is most widely distributed throughout the wet zone (Eisenberg & McKay, 1970).