Eimeviu (Protozoa: Coccidia) in wild populations of some British rodents



Four species of wild rodents from the British Isles, Myocustor coypus (the Coypu), Apodemus sylvaticus (the Wood mouse). Mus musculus (the House mouse) and Clethrionomys glureolus (the Bank vole) were examined during 1918 and 1919 for the presence of coccidian parasites of the genus Eimeriu. From an examination of 852 faecal samples a total of 14 species of Eimeriu was found. Species identification was based mainly on the morphology of the sporulated oocyst. The number of host species examined and the overall prevalence of infection were as follows: 252 M. coypus (45·6% infected), 471 A. sylvaticus 56·5%), 59 M. musculus (42·4%) and 70 C. glureolus (22·9%). The results are compared with previous surveys and discussed in the light of the general knowledge concerning coccidial infections. The present work showed that prevalence of infection in the wild rodents studied may be influenced by the age, weight and sex of the host, and by season.