Ecology of Chondromorpha kelaarti (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)



Stadia 11-VII and adults of Chondromorpha kelaarti (Humbert) can be separated by segment number, length, breadth and paired legs. Sexes are distinguished from stadium IV and the sex ratio vaned around SO%, though females were prevalent in May and June.

In females, a positive and significant correlation was found between number ofeggs present and body width at the 17th Segment.

Population density and biomass of C. kelaarti varied from 0.06 to 12.94 and 1.75 mg to 811.24 mg per 0.1 mz, respectively. From May to November, populations of C. kelaartiare aggregated in distribution.

Chondronrorphu keluurti passed the dry season in late stadia (VI, VII and adult) and may complete the life cycle in one or two years.