A new genus of dimorphic soft coral is named to accommodate Sarcophyton trochiforme Hickson, 1900. This species is found to differ markedly from members of the genus Sarcophyton as well as Anthomastus(to which it was later assigned), and thus becomes the type species of a new genus. A redescription of the species based on some of Hickson's original material is provided. Also, a new species assignable to the new genus is described from recently collected material. Both species are distributed along the south-eastern coast of Africa, where the south-western fringe of the Indo-Pacific Province overlaps with the Cape Endemic Province of southern Africa. The new genus differs from other dimorphic alcyonacean genera by the possession of coenenchymal sclerites that are predominantly eight radiates or double stars or barrels and tuberculate spheroids, relatively small autozooids, and a slender capitate growth form. A key to the world genera of dimorphic alcyonaceans is included.