Ranging behaviour of the Cape grey mongoose Galerella pulverulenta in a coastal area


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Five Cape grey mongooses (Galerella pulverulenta (Wagner, 1839)) were radio-tracked from November 1988 to February 1989 in the West Coast National Park, Cape Province, South Africa. Animal locations numbering 2253 were recorded. Radio-tagged mongooses were diurnally active and frequented thick mediterranean-type scrub; sightings of untagged mongooses followed the same pattern. Home range size (95% harmonic mean) of resident animals in the study period ranged from 21 to 63 ha. One female had the smallest range; the other, a juvenile, ranged more widely, possibly dispersing, and utilized a more varied habitat. Home ranges overlapped widely, both within and between sexes, although territoriality among adult females cannot be ruled out. Males showed some degree of sociality. Possible reasons for this spatial system are discussed.