The external morphology of the pseudoscorpion Roncus andreinii



The external morphology of the four postembryonic instars of Roncus andreinii (di Caporiacco, 1925) is described and compared with one of the related R. lubricus L. Koch, 1873 (Gabbutt & Vachon, 1967), with particular emphasis on disposition of the chelal trichobothria in relation to growth.

From the evaluation of characters it is concluded that a few morphometric and chaetotaxic characters (i.e. the length, ratio and shape of pedipalpal articles, the ratio of fingers/pedipalpal hand, the chaetotaxy of sternites II and III) represent good specific discriminants, while the relative position of trichobothria along the chelal axis is nearly the same in both species.

The localization of the growing and non-growing regions along the pedipalpal fingers may be of practical use in the search for new taxonomic characters.