Cyathostoma lari (Nematoda) infection in birds of prey



Cyathostoma lari Blanchard, 1849 is a nematode which parasitizes the orbital and nasal cavities of gulls (Laridae), the crow family (Corvidae) and occasionally other species of birds. It has not, apparently, been reported in birds of prey, although two other species, C. americana and C. brodskii, have been recorded in the air sacs of raptors in North America and the USSR.

This report describes infection by nematodes, provisionally identified as C. lari, in the orbital cavities of two kestrels (Falco unnunculus) and a common buzzard (Buteo buteo). A single specimen was also recorded in the lower eyelid of a sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus). There was no evidence of pathogenicity in the kestrels and buzzard, but in the sparrowhawk the parasite was possibly associated with damage to the eyelid.