White rhinoceros range size in the south-western Kruger National Park



White rhinoceros range size was ascertained telemetrically in the south-western Kruger National Park. The mean annual range size of territorial males was 9.86 km2 compared to 22.83 km2 for adult females. White rhinoceros females' summer wet season range was larger (21.44 km2) than the winter dry season range (11.64 km2). It is argued that abundant field-water during the wet season enables animals to range further from permanent water supplies and to utilize larger foraging areas. White rhinoceros have core areas in their individual ranges that usually are situated along riverbanks in the preferred grazing regions. These core areas also include some favourite resting spots on high-lying areas. White rhinoceros range sizes in the south-western Kruger National Park were similar to those of other reserves with comparable white rhinoceros densities. In the Umfolozi Game Reserve, which has a higher white rhinoceros density than the Kruger National Park, the individual ranges are much smaller.