In this paper, we examine the patterns of metameric variation shown by different dimensions of vertebrae from the mouse vertebral column. We examine differences in metameric variation between variables within an inbred strain and compare patterns of metameric variation between inbred strains and between inbred strains and their F1 S. We make both visual and numerical comparisons, the latter being based upon a novel application of Fourier analysis. Comparisons between dimensions within a strain reveal two distinct patterns of metameric variation within the column. The first, shown only by the antero-posterior (dorso-ventral) diameter of the neural canal, is relatively simple: dimensions become progressively smaller caudally. The second is more complex, with two peaks, and appears more closely related to somatic structures. The second pattern may be modified according to the temporal pattern of development of different vertebral elements. Comparisons between mouse strains suggest that those variables which complete growth early, and which preserve the basic patterns of metameric variation in a relatively unmodified form, are best suited to discriminating between inbred strains. The Fl S between inbred strains show patterns of metameric variation which in some cases are more like those of one parental strain and in others more like those of the other parental strain. We consider the significance of these findings in relation to further studies of mammalian vertebral column genetics, development and evolution.