Two new species of aquatic Oligochaeta are described from the North-west Iberian Peninsula: Krenedrilus realissp. nov. (Tubificidae) and Cernosvitoviella bulboductasp. nov. (Enchytraeidae). Krenedrilus realis is the fourth species in a genus of small and presumably plesiomorphic Tubificinae. It is closely related to K. sergei Giani, Erséus & Martínez-Ansemil, 1990. Cernosvitoviella bulboducta belongs to a genus of small amphibiotic enchytraeids. It is close to C. ampullax Klungland & Abrahamsen, 1981 and C. tatrensis (Kowalewski, 1916). Supplementary data to the diagnosis of C. tatrensis are given. The presence of two small glands attached to the gut immediately behind the pharyngeal bulb is noticed in C. bulboducta and C. tatrensis. This previously unknown character is probably more common in the genus than has been supposed.