Ototyphlonemertes correae sp. nov. and a redescription of O. duplex (Nemertea: Monostilifera: Ototyphlonemertidae), with a phylogenetic consideration of the genus



The species Ototyphlonemertes correaesp. nov. and O. duplex Bürger, 1895 (Ototyphlonemertidae) are described. The new species possesses a smooth stylet, oligogranular statolith and nephridia. Phylogenetic relationships are reconstructed for 21 Ototyphlonemertes species, based on an analysis of 18 morphological characters, totalling 43 character states. The most informative characters are stylet structure, basis shape, statolith shape and nephridia. Based on the phylogeny, the subgenus Otohelicophora (Greek, helicophora meaning the spiral carriers) is separated, which is defined with reference to the synapomorphy ‘spiral stylet’.