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Reproductive pattern in the male Angolan free-tailed bat, Tadarida (Mops) condylura (Microchiroptera: Molossidae) in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa



The reproductive pattern in male Angolan free-tailed bats Tadarida (Mops) condylura was studied at two localities in the Eastern Transvaal during the period 1989-1991. Males displayed a nine-month breeding season extending from June to February. Following testicular recrudescence in early June, spermatogenic activity displayed two periods of peak activity in August/early September and November/early December. Although testes became involuted in March, baseline spermatogenic activity was maintained and tests never regressed to prepubertal conditions. Leydig cell morphology closely followed spermatogenic activity, with the diameter of Leydig cell nuclei displaying a concomitant seasonal pattern.

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