Reproduction in the female Angolan free-tailed bat, Tadarida (Mops) condylura (Microchiroptera: Molossidae), in the eastern Transvaal, South Africa



The reproductive pattern in the female Angolan free-tailed bat, Tadarida (Mops) condylura (A. Smith, 1833), was studied at two localities in the eastern Transvaal during the period 1988–1990. Reproduction in female T. condylura was seasonally polyoestrous. Females displayed a bimodal reproductive pattern, with reproductive activity extending from early September to early May, followed by reproductive quiescence from May to August. The interval between the two reproductive cycles was marked by a post-partum oestrus with adult females becoming pregnant one to three weeks after parturition while still nursing their young. Females become sexually mature during their first year with some only undergoing one pregnancy. Gestation and lactation periods were 85 days and 50–60 days, respectively. Females displayed dextral dominance with regard to the morphology and function of the ovary and uterus.