Appendix S1. Images from the Faraday market in Johannesburg. a) typical stall; b) a trader's stall consisting of mainly cowrie shells, crocodile osteoderms, porcupine quills, assorted bones and teeth; c) a trader's stall consisting of mainly tortoise shells (Kinixys sp.), pieces of elephant skin, giant land snails (Achatina sp.) and assorted bones; d) a stall with an assortment of marine fauna including a fresh octopus whose tentacles, when ingested, reportedly prevent infidelity; e) leopard paws; f) various mammal skins including a Samango Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis ssp.; extreme left) and a small spotted genet (second from right); g) CMR Bean Beetles (Mylabris oculata); and h) assorted bones and skulls.

Appendix S2. Check list of vertebrate species, the number of traders recorded selling each species at the Faraday market, and each species’ conservation status. The classification and sequence of orders and families follow Minter et al. (2004; frog); Zug, Vitt & Caldwell (2001) and Alexander & Marais (2007) (reptiles); Hockey et al. (2005; birds); and Skinner and Chimimba (2005; mammals). See text for details of conservation assessment (2001 IUCN Red Data Lists v 3.1). LC=least concern, NT=near threatened, VU=vulnerable, EN=endangered, CR=critically endangered. We did not identify marine organisms and invertebrates to a sufficient level to assign IUCN categories, but see Appendix S3 for the quantities of these organisms at Faraday.

Appendix S3. Check list of vertebrate species according to the animal part traded and the number of body parts sold by all traders combined, at the Faraday market. The classification and sequence of orders and families follow Hockey et al. (2005; birds); Skinner & Chimimba (2005; mammals); Zug et al. (2001) and Alexander & Marais (2007) for reptiles. Invertebrates and fishes are unordered with respect to phylogeny.

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