Book reviewed in this article:

Atlas of the British Flora. Edited by F. H. Perring and S. M. Walthrs.

Handbuch der Pflanzenphysiologie: Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology. Vol. XIV: Growth and Growth Substances. Edited by W. Ruhland.

Drawings of British Plants. Part XVII: Compositae (3). By Stella Ross-Craig.

Apical Meristems. By F. A. L. Clowes. Botanical Monographs, vol. 2. Edited by W. O. James.

Cellular Regulatory Mechanisms. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology

Proceedings of the Summer School of Botany held June 2–15, 1960, at Darjeeling. Edited by P. Maheshwari, B. M. Johri and I. K. Vasil.

Exotic Forest Trees in the British Commonwealth. By R. J. Streets. Edited by Sir Harry Champion.

A Flora of the Alaskan Arctic Slope. By I. L. Wiggins and J. H. Thomas

Grundzüge der Pflanzenanatomie. By B. Huber.

Taschenbuch der Botanik. By H. Miehe. Revised by W. Mevius.

A Conspectus of Aphids as Vectors of Plant Viruses. By J. S. Kennedy, M. F. Day and V. F. Eastop.

Crop Adaptation and Distribution. By Carroll P. Wilsie.

Flora of Cultivated Plants of the U.S.S.R. Vol. XIII: Perennial Leguminous Plants: Medicago, Melilotus and Trigonella. Edited by E. N. Sinskaya. Translated by N. Landau.

Der Federsee. Edited by W. Zimmermann.

Carbohydrate Resources within the Perennial Plant. By C. A. Priestley.

Flora of the British Isles. By A. R. Clapham, T. G. Tutin and E. F. Warburg.

Mineral Salts Absorption in Plants. By J. F. Sutcliffe.

The Development of British Heathlands and their Soils. By G. W. Dimbleby.

Annual Review of Plant Physiology, vol. 13. Edited by L. Machlis and W. R. Briggs.