Book reviewed in this article:

A Course in Biology. By J. J. Baker and G. E. Allen.

Papers on Plant Systematics. By R. Ornduff.

Die Entstehung der Arten und hoheren Kategorien. By H. Lamprecht.

Flora of Iraq, Vol. 9. Gramineae. By N. L. Bor. (Ed. by C. C. Townsend and Evan Guest, with the collaboration of Ali Al-Rawi).

Wild Elowers of North Carolina. By William S. Justice and C. Ritchie Bell.

The Lichen Genera Cetrelia and Platismatia (Parmeliaceae). By W. L. Culberson and C. F. Culberson.

Essays on Form in Plants. By C. W. Wardlaw.

Crop Responses to Water at Different Stages of Growth. By P. J. Salter and J. E. Goode.

Protons, Electrons, Phosphorylation and Active Transport. By R. N. Robertson.

Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology, XVIII, Sexuality: Reproduction; Alternation of Generations. General editor, W. Ruhland; sub-editor for this volume, H. F. Linskens.

Annual Review of Plant Physiology, Vol. 19. 1968. By L. Machlis (Ed.).

Biophysical Technique as Applied to Cell Biology. By J. Chayen and E. E. Denby.

The Measurement of Environmental Factors in Terrestrial Ecology. British Ecological Society Symposium No. 8. Ed. by R. M. Wadsworthet al.

Guide to the Check Sheet for IBP Areas. IBP Handbook No. 4. By G. E. Peterken.