Book reviewed in this article:

Hypothesis Prediction and Implications in Biology. By J. J. W. Baker and G. E. Allen.

William Bartram. Botanical and Zoological Drawings, 1756–88. Edited with an Introduction and Commentary by Joseph Ewan.

The Soil Resources of Tropical Africa. Ed. by R. P. Moss.

Experimental Physiology. By Arnold Dunn and Joseph Arditti.

Progress in Phytochemistry, Vol. I. Ed. by L. Reinhold and Y. Liwshitz.

Physiology of Stomata. By H. Meidner and T. A. Mansfield.

Studies in Biology, No. 12. Plant Breeding. By W. J. C. Lawrence.

Fundamentals of Mycology. By J. H. Burnett.

Physiological Plant Pathology. By R. K. S. Wood.

Mykologie. Grundriss für Naturwissenschaftler und Mediziner. By Emil Müller and Wolfgang Loefeler.

The Genus Pythium Pringsheim. Diagnoses (or Descriptions) and Figitres from the Original Papers. By Grace M. Waterhouse.

Growth and Organization in Plants. By F. C. Steward.

Methods for the Measurement of the Primary Production of Grassland. By C. Milner and R. Elfyn Hughes.

Drawings of British Flants. Part XXV. Plantaginaceae, Illecehraceae, Chenopodiaceae. By Stella Ross-Craig.

Plant Variation and Classification (Fundamentals of Botany Series). By C. R. Bell.

Manual of Wayside Plants of Hawaii. By Willis T. Pope.