Book Reviewed in this article:

Flowering Plants, Origin and Dispersal. By A. Takhtajan. Translated from the Russian by C. Jeffrey.

Camellias of Japan. By T. Tuyama.

Studies in Biology, No. 15. Developmental Plant Anatomy. By Alan R. Gemmell.

Quaternary Ecology. Ed. by E. J. Cushing and H. E. Wright Jr.

Écologie appliquée à l'agriculture dans le nord vaudois. By K.-F. Schreiber. Translated from the German by M. Villard.

Welsh Ferns, 5th edn. By H. A. Hyde and A. E. Wade.

Flora of Derbyshire. Ed. by A. R. Clapham.

Studies in Biology, No. 16. Plant Symbiosis. By George D. Scott.