Books reviewed in this article:

The Control of Growth and Differentiation in Plants. By P. F. Wareing and I. D. J. Phillips.

The Cuticles of Plants. By J. T. Martin and B. E. Juniper.

Vegetationszonen und Klima. By Heinrich Walter.

Tertiäre Floren von Mähren. By E. Knobloch.

Drawings of British Plants. Part XXVII. Ulmaceae to Pinaceae. By Stella Ross Craig.

Seaweeds and their Uses. By V. J. Chapman.

Control of Organelle Development. Ed. by P. L. Miller.

Cell Biology. By J. W. Kimball.

Phytochemical Phylogeny. Ed. by J. B. Harborne.

the study of botany. By Preston Adams, Jeffrey J. W. Baker and Garland E. Allen.

Little Botany, Big Botany. By D. H. Jennings.