Book Reviewed in this article:

Phloem Transport in Plants. By A. S. Crafts and C. H. Crisp.

Introduction to the Fine Structure of Plant Cells. By Myron C. Ledbetter and Keith R. Porter.

Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology No. 25. Control Mechanisms of Growth and Differentiation. Ed. by D. D. Davies and M. Balls.

Plant Lipid Biochemistry. By C. Hitchcock and B. W. Nichols.

Cell Respiration. By W. O. James.

Prediction and Measurement of Photosynthetic Productivity.

Fortschritte der Botanik, Vol. 32. Ed. by H. Ellenberg, K. Esser, H. Merxmüller, P. Sitte and H. Ziegler.

Stoffwechselphysiologie der Pflanzen. By G. Richter.

Pflanzenphysiologie. By D. Hess.

Moleculare Grundlagen der Entwicklung. By H. Mohr and P. Sitte.

The Diversity of Green Plants. By Peter Bell and Christopher Woodcock.

Anatomy of the Monocotyledons. Ed. by C. R. Metcalfe. Vol. V. Cyperaceae. By C. R. Metcalfe.

Soil Micro-organisms. By T. R. G. Gray and S. T. Williams.

Des Ovules aux Graines. By M. Favre-Duchartre.

Ecology of Leaf Surface Micro-organisms. Ed. by T. F. Preece and C. H. Dickinson.

Fungal Genetics. By J. R. S. Fincham and P. R. Day.

Étude du Mode de Reproduction: Apomixie Facultative du Point de Vue de la Génétique des Populations. (Study of Facultative Apomixis from the View-point of Population Genetics). By J. Perèns.

Drawings of British Plants; Part XXVIII: Hydrocharitaceae, Orchidaceae. By Stella Ross-Craig.

Plants of Hong Kong. By S. L. Thrower.

An Atlas of Plant Structure, Vol. 1. By Brian Bracegirdle and Patricia H. Miles.

Bioiléctricité, Quelques Problèmes. By S. Meylan.

Studying the Past by Pollen Analysis. By R. G. West.

The Mysterious Origin of Flowering Plants. By Kenneth R. Sporne.