Book Reviewed in this article:

Chemotaxonomy of the Leguminosae. Ed. by J. B. Harborne, D. Boulter and B. L. Turner.

Mathematical Taxonomy. By N. Jardine and R. Sibson.

A Textbook on Algae. By H. D. Kumar and H. N. Singh.

Mycorrhiza. By J. L. Harley. Oxford Biology Readers, 12 (Ed. by J. J. Head and O. E. Lowenstein).

Microbial Ecology. By M. Alexander.

Phytotoxins in Plant Diseases. Ed. by R. K. S. Wood, A. Ballio and A. Graniti.

Methods of Studying the Ecology of Soil Micro-Organisms. By D. Parkinson, T. R. G. Gray and S. T. Williams.

Manometric and Biochemical Techniques. By W. W. Umbreit, R. H. Burris and J. F. Stauffer.

Mineral Nutrition of plants. Principles and Perspectives. By Emanuel Epstein.

Viability of Seeds. Ed. by E. H. Roberts.

Description and Classification of Vegetation. By D. W. Shimwell.

The Negev: the Challenge of a Desert. By M. Evenari, L. Shanan and N. Tadmor.

Plant Life of South-West Asia. Ed. by P. H. Davis, P. C. Harper and I. C. Hedge.

Climate: Present, Past and Future, Vol. 1. By H. H. Lamb.