Protein band patterns of globulins extracted from the seeds of a number of different species of Phaseolus and Vigna, have been obtained by disc electrophoresis and the sub-units of the major seed proteins have been separated on gels by use of continuous SDS electrophoresis. The agglutinin potential of seed extracts with respect to human Group O red blood cells has also been determined. The globulin extracted from Phaseolus lunatus was different from that from P. acutifolius, P. coccineus, P. dumosus and P. vulgar is, and these globulins were different from the major globulins extracted from other species which differed among themselves. The globulin patterns for P. atropurpureus and P. lathyroides were not the same as those of the other species examined and saline extracts from the two species Iysed red blood cells. Agglutinin activity was detected only in extracts from P. acutifolius, P. coccineus, P. dumosus and P. vulgaris. Glyco-protein II, the major seed protein of P. vulgaris, was tentatively identified as the major globulin in extracts from P. acutifolius, P. coccineus and P. dumosus, and was not detected in the other species, with the exception possibly of P. atropurpureus and P. lathyroides. We discuss our data in relation to recent re-classifications of species of Phaseolus and Vigna.