Book reviewed in this article:

Endomycorrhizas. Proceedings of a Symposium held at Leeds University, England, July, 1974. Ed. by F. E. Saunders, Barbara Mosse, & P. B. Tinker.

Fluid Behaviour in Biological Systems. By L. Leyton.

Vegetation and the Atmosphere. Ed. by J. L. Monteith.

Flowering Tropical Climbers. By GEOFFREY HERKLOTS.

Handbuch des Erwerbsgartners, 5, Pflanzenschutz im Zierpflanzenbau. Handbook for Commercial Growers No. 5 Plant Protection in Ornamental Plant Cultivation. By M. Stahl and H. Umgelter.

Field Experimentation with Fruit Trees and other Perennial Plants, by S. C. Pearce.

Lehrbuch der Phytomedizin. By G. M. HOFFMAN, F. NIENHAUS, F. SCHONBECK, H. C. WELTZIEN & H. WILBERT.

The Mosses of Southern Australia. By GEORGE A. M. SCOTT and ILMA G. STONE, with illustrations by CELIA ROSSER.

Botanical Systematics. Volume 1. Edited by V. H. HEYWOOD.

The Northwest European Pollen Flora. Volume I. Edited by W. PUNT.