Book Reviewed in This Article:

Tropische Nutzpflanzen. By Heinz Brücher.

The Molecular Biology of Plant Cells. Ed. by H. Smith.

Plant Metabolism. By H. D. Kumar and H. N. Singh.

The Ribonucleic Acids. Ed. by P. R. Stewart and D. S. Letham.

Transport Phenomena in Plants. By D. A. Baker.

Transport of Ions and Water in Animals. Ed. by B. L. Gupta, R. B. Moreton, J. L. Oscham and B. J. Wall.

Water in Plants Bibliography. Ed. by J. Pospisilova and J. Solarova.

Advances in Botanical Research. Vol. 4. Ed. by R. D. Preston and H. W. Woolhouse.

Progress in Botany: Morphology: Physiology: Genetics: Taxonomy: Geobotany. Ed. by Heinz Ellenerg, Karl Esser, Hermann Merxmuller, Eberhard Schnepf and Hubert Zeigler.

Progress in Botany – Morphology, Physiology, Genetics, Taxonomy, Geobotany. Ed. by H. Ellenberg, K. Esser, H. Merxmüller, E. Schnepf and H. Ziegler.

Plant Root Systems. By R. Scott Russell.

Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. Edited by Kenneth S. Norris.