Book Reviewed in this article:

Flora of Iraq. Volume IV, parts 1 and 2. Bignoniaceae to Resedaceae. Ed. by C. C. Townsend and Evan Guest.

Studies in Biology. No. 120. The Respiration of Higher Plants. By Helik Opik

Collins Guide to the Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Garden Plants. By Stefan Buczacki and Keith Harris

Root Parasites of Southern Forests. By L. J. Musselman and W. F. Mann.

The Shore Environment. Vol. 1. Methods. Vol. 2. Ecosystems. Ed. by J. H. Price, D. E. G. Irvine and W. T. Farnham.

Standard List of Characters Suitable for Computerized Hardwood Identification.

Historical Plant Geography: an Introduction. By Philip Stott.

Morphologie der Blüten und der Blütenstände. By Focko Weberling.

Zum Wasserhaushalt verschiedener Strassenbaumarten unter dem Einfluss der winter-lichen Streusalzanwendung. (Water regime of several roadside tree species as influenced by the use of de-icing salt in winter). By A. Sirig.

Advances in Legume Systematics. Ed. by R. M. Polhill and P. H. Raven.

Demography and Evolution in Plant Populations. Botanical Monographs, volume 15. Ed. by Otto T. Solbrig.