Book Reviewed in this article:

Excursion Flora of the British Isles. By A. R. Clapham, T. G. Tutin and E. F. Warburg.

Umbellifers of the British Isles. By T. G. Tutin.

Progress in Botany - Morphology, Physiology, Genetics, Taxonomy, Geobotany. Volume 41. Ed. by H. Ellenburg, K. Esser, K. Kubitzi, E. Schnepf and H. Ziegler.

Flora of New Zealand. Volume III. Adventive Cyperaceous, Petalous and Spathaceous Monocotyledons. By A. J. Healy and Elizabeth Edgar.

Photosynthesis II Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism and Related Process. Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology, New Series, Volume 6 Ed by M. Gibbs and E. Latzko.

Atlas Florae Europaeae. Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe. Volume 4. Polygonaceae. Ed. by J. Jalas and J. Suominen.