Book reviewed in this article

Mycoplasma Diseases of Trees and Shrubs. Ed. by K. Maramorosch and S. P. Raychaudhuhi.

Alpine Rasengesellschaften auf Silikatgestein bei Davos. By Luca Vetterli.

The Rust Fungi. Ed. by K. J. Scott and A. K. Chakravorty.

Environment and Plant Ecology. By J. R. Ethehington.

Cryptogams. By K. Esser

Nitrogen fixation. Volume 1: Ecology. Ed. by W. J. Broughton.

Agricultural Plants. By R. H. M. Langer and G. D. Hill

Decomposer Basidiomycetes: their Biology and Ecology. Ed. by J. C. Frankland, J. N. Hedger and M. J. Swift.

Cell Walls'81: Proceeding of the Second Cell Wall Meeting held in Gottingen, April 8–11, 1981. Ed. by D. G. Robinson and H. Quader.