Books reviewed in this article:

Regulation of Gene Expression–25 Years On. Edited by I. R. Booth and C. F. Higgins.

Biochemistry of Virus-infected Plants. By R. S. S. Fraser.

Physiological and Genetical Aspects of Mycorrhizae. Proceedings of the First European Symposium on Mycorrhizae. Edited by V. Gianinazzi-Pearson and S. Gianinazzi.

Viren, Mykoplasmen und Rickettsien—Parasiten an der Schwelle des Lebendigen. By Franz Nienhaus.

Fungal Biology. By H. J. Hudson.

Nitrogen Fixation, Volume 4: Molecular Biology. Edited by W. J. Broughton and S. Puhler.

Functional Diversity of Plants in the Sea and on Land. By A. R. O. Chapman.