Book reviewed in this article:

The Use of the Oxygen Electrode and Fluorescence Probes in Simple Measurements of Photosynthesis. By David Walker with illustrations by Richard Walker.

Secondary Metabolism in Plant Cell Cultures. Edited by P. Morris, A. H. Scragg, A. Stafford and M. W. Fowler.

On the Economy of Plant Form and Function. Edited by Thomas J. Givnish.

A Functional Biology of Crop Plants. By V. Gutschick.

Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation (a series of topical volumes in developmental biology). Edited by W. Henning and J. Reinert.

Embryogenesis in Angiosperms: A Developmental and Experimental Study. By V. Raghavan.

The Anatomy of Wood: Its Diversity and Variability. By K. Wilson and D. J. B. White.

The Biology of Symbiosis. By D. C. Smith and A. E. Douglas.

Chrysophytes: Aspects and Problems. Edited by Jørgen Kristiansen and Robert A. Andersen.

Atlas Florae Europaeae, Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe, Seven Caryophyllaceae (Silenoideae). Edited by Jaakko Jalas and Juha Suominen.

Genera Graminum. Grasses of the World. By W. D. Clayton and S. A. Renvoize.

Herbals. By Agnes Arber.

Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology. Edited by B. J. Berglund.