Books reviewed in this article:

The Biochemistry Of Plants : A Comprehensive Treatise. Editors-in-chief P. K. Stumpf and E. E. Conn

Cell Commitment and Differentiation. By Norrman MacLean and Brian K. Hall

Advances in Plant Pathology, Volume 5. Ed. By D. S. Ingram and P. H. Williams

General Microbiology. By H. G. Schlegel, assisted by K. Schmidt, translated by M. Kogut

Dictonary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. By P. Singlection and D. Salisbury

Ecological Studies, Analysis and Synthesis. Ed. by W. D. Billings, F. Golley, O. Lunge, J. S. Olson and H. Remmert

Ferns and Allied Plants of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. By Betty D. Duncan and Golda Isaac

Twelveth International Seaweed Symposium. Ed. by M. A. Ragan and C. J. Bird