The response to salinity at the microscopic level of the marine fungus Dendryphiella salina Nicot and Pugh as investigated stereologically



A stereological analysis of the response of cellular characteristics of hyphae of the marine hyphomycete Dendryphiella salina to salinity is presented. Analyses of volume fractions, compartmental volumes, membrane surface densities and membrane areas have been made. A major finding has been that the wall forms 40 % of the compartment volume. Total hyphal compartment volume was maximal at 200 mM NaCl at 109μm3 with compartments increasing in width and decreasing in length with salinity. Maximal protoplasmic and cytoplasmic volumes were also found at 200 mM. Electron microscopy demonstrated three different vacuolar types differentiated by their staining characteristics. A light-staining vacuolar type increased in total volume from 4.5 to 12.2μm3 from 0 to 1 M NaCl. Data are considered not only in terms of hyphal anatomical characteristics but also in terms of those physiological processes occuring in D. salina which allow it to grow in saline media.